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Your Donation Can Make A Change

At Our House of The Way the projects are sustained a 100% by volunteers. In order to keep supporting the families you can either donate your services or resources to Our House of The Way.
The Our House of The Way / Mother Teresa Christian Spiritist Center is a 501 (c)3 organization registered in Michigan. Donations are tax-deductible.
EIN: 84-3014339
Any donations worth $250 or more will be recognized with a receipt. You must have written confirmation from the MOTHER TERESA CHRISTIAN SPIRITIST CENTER to claim a deduction for cash, a check, or another monetary gift from the IRS. 
The confirmation must include the name of our organization, the date you made the contribution, and the amount of the gift. Charities are only required to provide written acknowledgment for donations over $250 you can always ask for one. 
Look for the 501(c)(3) search for Our House of The Way/MOTHER TERESA CHRISTIAN SPIRITIST CENTER in the IRS Tax Exempt Organization Search designation to be sure that our charity is qualified. 
You must donate to a qualified charitable organization to claim this itemized deduction.  Your donation is deductible the same year in which it’s made. If you give household goods or clothing, it must be in good condition. 
We will be happy to deliver your tax receipt, but for that, we will need your personal information (Full name/address/description of donations and value). To request the values of your donations see the classification with values in the tables below and answer your questions). 
Unfortunately, if you have not requested your tax receipt on the same day of your donation delivery, we will not be able to provide it after that. As soon as the items are received they are immediately donated to the community and we will no longer have control of it to make the assessment of values. The request of a tax receipt along with the evaluation of your items is your responsibility.  
For food donations or any other brand-new items, we ask that you provide us with the store receipt, or it must be delivered via email to so you can receive the same amount in the tax receipt to the IRS.
We accept and welcome all donations!
Your donation will have an incredible impact on helping us maintain the projects in Benton Harbor, MI, and in Brazil. Sponsorship is the heart of the Benton Harbor Assistance Center’s Mission. 
Monthly contributions of around $20 or more or less provide ongoing support for our community and projects. Your contribution may be anonymous or tax-deductible for your convenience.
You can make a real difference in someone’s life!
Sponsorship is LOVE in action. Thank you for your support!
Please choose above how you want to make your donation to Our House of The Way.

Our House of The Way

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