Our Impact
Our mission is to support and encourage the growth of families in Benton Harbor with the help of volunteers and community partners working with love in their hearts.

Charity is love in action! Everyone can help and be a part of our projects, all it takes is good will and spending some time to learn. The time you give by volunteering is precious and as rewarding for you as it is for those with whom you will be working. If you have any questions, comments, concerns, or need additional support, please feel free to contact us.


Events & Programs

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Arts & Philosophy Club

The Arts & Philosophy Club aims to socialize and develop the arts, the study of philosophy, and the practice of meditation to encourage children and young people to open up, dream, and see opportunities.

We come together to pray for families, for the good of planet Earth, and for all of humanity. This project is not about religion or beliefs, but about the power of prayer that flows from our hearts.

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Our Boutique store offers a wide selection of gently used clothing, accessories, and decorative items at affordable prices. Every purchase you make directly supports our community initiatives, with all revenue funding our non-profit projects.

Opening Hours:

Tuesday & Wednesday from 11 am to 4 pm. Other times by appointment.

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Food Drive

The Food Drive is a job of visiting homes, knocking from door to door to collect food, personal items or hygiene and cleaning products for needy families in Benton Harbor

The food bank distributes the food we collect through FOOD DRIVE. We distribute the food to the families who are going through hard times. We deliver the food directly to their homes.

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Our mission is to support and encourage the academic growth of kids and youth in Benton Harbor with the help of volunteers and community partners. As a one-on-one tutoring/mentoring program we hope the kids and youth will benefit from having additional help in their lives to look up to and talk to. 

100% free online English course. Classes take place on the Zoom Meeting platform once a week. The volunteer receives all the training and support to become a teacher. The course is recognized by the College in Brazil.

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Santa Project

Through the generous support of donations and sponsorships from our compassionate community, we come together each year to deliver the magic of Christmas to families in Benton Harbor. Our dedicated volunteers transform into Santa’s helpers, ensuring that every child receives a special gift, creating smiles, and fostering a sense of togetherness during the holiday season. It’s a wonderful reminder that the spirit of giving and love is alive and well in our community.

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Vegan Kitchen Soup

The Vegan Kitchen Soup is a nutritious food destined for the nourishment and treatment of the physical body and the spirit.

The Soup is made of only plant-based ingredients and is the source of love, respect, and dignity. Everyone is welcome to work, and the bonds of Love and Charity are the necessary elements for the formation and union of the workers of good.

Dream Project

The “Dream Project” is our ambitious long-term plan designed to bring lasting, positive change to our community. Through this initiative, our organization aims to launch and sustain a variety of impactful projects that address key areas of need.

To learn more visit our Dream Project page

Our House of The Way

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